STAY ALERT: Protecting your information is our priority. Stay one step ahead of scams and frauds to safeguard your finances with tips from our Security Essentials page.

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Your Security is Our Priority

Learn how to prevent fraud and protect your account.


Safeguarding your information and your accounts is our priority.

Fraud Detection

As a Gulf Winds member, you can be assured that we are constantly improving the ways we safeguard and protect your account. Through fraud monitoring we can detect unauthorized use, often before you are even aware of it. If we notice suspicious activity on your card or account, we may contact you by phone, text or email to confirm you have authorized a transaction.

Reminder: We will never initiate a call asking you to provide confidential information. If a call seems suspicious, please hang up and call us back directly to confirm that the call was legitimate.

Digital Banking Security

We are committed to giving you reliable account access. We use advanced technology to help protect you and continuously monitor our website and app to ensure they remain secure for our members.

Secure Access Codes

Our Secure Access Codes provide an added layer of protection when you log in to Digital Banking for the first time or from a computer/mobile device you have not previously registered. This prevents unauthorized users from obtaining and using your login information to access your online accounts. If an unauthorized user cannot retrieve the SAC sent to your point of contact, they cannot access your Digital Banking accounts.

Monitor your account activity and protect yourself from fraud.

There are many steps you can take to help prevent fraud on your accounts.

Protect Your Computer and Mobile Devices

We all use our phones and tablets to manage finances. It’s important to take precautions to protect your devices from security threats that evolve just as quickly as technology advances. Learn how to guard your information while at home and away. Learn more »

Make User IDs and Passwords as Secure as Possible

Create strong and unique usernames and passwords that focus on length and complexity. Update passwords regularly. Avoid using a password or a variation of a password that you already use on another website. Also, avoid using any variation of your name, or names of family members or pets, as these can sometimes be found on social media. Learn more »

Set Account Activity Alerts

Set and receive alerts to track your bank account activity and monitor your account even when you are not logged in. If our system sees something unusual, you'll get a text notification. 

To get started with Alerts today, log in to digital banking and click Settings > Alerts. 

NOTE: You must sign up for this service by defining your alert delivery preferences in digital banking. You are NOT automatically enrolled.

Be Aware of Imposter Scams

Financial institutions are seeing an increase in imposter scams. In these scams, fraudsters pose as Gulf Winds employees and spoof our phone number to call and text members about suspicious activity or unauthorized charges on their debit card. They may ask for your password, PIN, secure access code or other login information.

Gulf Winds employees will never contact you and ask for these details. If you have concerns about a call’s legitimacy, hang up immediately and call us back at 850.479.9601.

Go Paperless

Sign up for paperless E-statements to receive statements and other documents digitally. Going paperless reduces the threat of mail fraud and identity theft. It is also more convenient, and best of all, there is no fee.

Manage your preferences in digital banking and click Settings > Alerts Services > E-Statements.

Contact Us

Call Gulf Winds immediately at 1.800.650.6328 if you suspect fraudulent activity.

Report a lost or stolen card or seek help for a security issue.

Debit Cards:

Pensacola Area: 850.479.9601
Toll-Free: 1.800.650.6328
After Hours, Weekends and Holidays: 1.800.472.3272

Need to file a claim?
If a transaction has been posted to your account that you did not authorize, easily report it in digital banking, in a branch or over the phone. Our digital system makes the claim-filing process simple without needing to speak to a Gulf Winds team member first!

  • Log into digital banking and select the account containing the transaction(s) in question.
  • For single transaction dispute: Click the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) next to a specific transaction to dispute only that transaction.
  • For multiple transaction dispute: Click the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to dispute multiple transactions.
  • Read the acknowledgement and click 'Dispute Transactions' to proceed.
  • Confirm the transactions to dispute are correct and click 'Continue Dispute' to proceed.
  • Answer all questions and click 'Submit Dispute.'

After submitting your dispute, a window will appear confirming that your dispute was submitted. Any transactions that have been disputed will have a red flag next to them in your transaction history. Expand the transaction history to see a real-time status of your claim.

NOTE: Transactions can only be disputed once posted to your account.

Credit Cards:

Pensacola Area: 850.479.9601
Toll Free: 1.800.650.6328
After Hours, Weekends and Holidays: 1.866.791.6842
VISA Toll Free: 1.800.847.2911

Suspicious Emails or Phishing:

Security Essentials

Stop fraud in its tracks. Protect yourself from fraud and scams by understanding how it happens.



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