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Celebrating 70 Years of Service

Paying Bills & Loans

Money Management Made Easy

 Don’t let recurring expenses keep you from enjoying life. Gulf Winds offers easy ways to manage your payments so you can keep moving forward.

Loan Payments with PayigyTM

It has never been easier for you to pay your Gulf Winds loan from another financial institution! With Payigy, you can conveniently manage loan accounts, communicate with your lender, schedule payments and more - making it truly easy to "set it and forget it." Set up your secure online account today!

Why use PayigyTM?

  • View Loan Details
  • Set Alerts & Notifications
  • Make One-Time or Recurring Payments
  • Choose Payment Method
    • Bank Account — Free
    • Debit Card — $6.95 per transaction

Access Payigy

Questions? The Gulf Winds team is always here to help - call us at 1.850.479.9601.

PayigyTM FAQs

Setting Up Your PayigyTM Account 

Click the button below to access the Payigy Portal, then simply click "Create Account" and follow prompts to complete account set-up.  When first setting up your account, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name, email and phone number as listed on your account
  • Account/member number - must be 10 digits in length
    • If account number is 7 digits: additional zeros may need to be added to the front
      • Example: If my Gulf Winds account number is 1234567, I will add three (3) zeros to the front to create a 10-digital number: 0001234567
    • If account numbers are 13 digits: use the last 10 digits as the account/member number

For future logins simply access the Payigy Portal, click "Login" and enter the User Name and Password you selected when creating your account.

Access Payigy

Your Gulf Winds account number can be found in Digital Banking or by calling the Gulf Winds team. Your Payigy username will be the email address linked to your Gulf Winds account.

Payigy can be used for your Gulf Winds auto, boat, RV, motorcycle, ATV, personal and/or credit card loan payments. 

Payments processed using a bank account prior to 3:30pm EST will post the same business day.

Payments processed using a bank account after 3:30pm EST will post the following business day.

Payments made using a debit card will post the following business day.

Ensure any scheduled payments from another institution are cancelled directly before making or scheduling payments through Payigy.

Preferred Payments with CardSwap

Make managing your payment preferences simple.

Payment method updates are easier for all your favorite online shopping, streaming, and subscription services with CardSwap. Enroll your Gulf Winds credit or debit card within the Digital Banking platform to easily update your recurring charges.

Why use CardSwap?

  • Make card updates all in one place
  • Easily update payment information in the event your card gets lost, stolen, or compromised
  • No extra apps to install or additional tools to learn
  • Works with many of your favorite online shopping and streaming services including Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Walmart, Hulu and more

Free yourself from tedious autopay updates.

Get Started

Getting Started

Log into Digital Banking. Launch CardSwap by selecting "Pay" and then "CardSwap" in the left-hand menu.

Add Subscriptions Screen

Add Subscription(s)

Select where you want to update your payment information.

Enter Card Info

Enter Card Information

Link your Gulf Winds credit or debit card to update payment information.

Review Info Screen

Review, Link, Swap & Manage

After setup, you can review your card accounts, link new accounts, swap cards, and manage notifications.

CardSwap FAQs

It may take up to 24 hours. However, in most cases, the card swap happens immediately. It may take longer if the payee website is down or we encounter an issue with the swap during the first attempt.

Authentication requirements differ by payee. Some require a security question or code in order to access an account. If the payee requires you to enter a security question or code outside of CardSwap, you will also be required to enter your security question or code inside of CardSwap.

The (!) next to a payee may mean that the payee's website is temporarily down for maintenance. The (!) may also mean that there is an issue with the your account with a particular payee. Click on the payee with an (!) to receive information regarding any problems with your account with a particular payee and instructions on how to resolve the issue. Clicking on the payee will always provide messaging regarding any issues.

When utilizing CardSwap, you may receive notification from some payees that your account is being accessed from a location different than where you are located. This is caused by payees detecting a login from our servers rather than your location. In order to perform the swap, our system must access your account with each payee.

When utilizing CardSwap, you may receive notifications from some payees that your account is being accessed from an unknown device. This may occur if you have selected “remember me” upon login and the payee has registered your device. If the CardSwap system accesses an account with these settings in place, the payee may notify you because our system is different than what you typically use to access your account.

Mobile Devices

Manage Your Account Anytime, Anywhere

Check your balance, transfer money, pay bills, deposit checks and more with our secure Digital Banking. Learn More

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