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Jack Williams Appointed Board Emeritus After 42 Years of Service

March 8, 2023

Long-time Gulf Winds Board Member, Jack Williams, was appointed to the role of Board Emeritus on February 21, 2023. Williams transitions to Board Emeritus after serving a total of 42 years on the Credit Committee and with the Gulf Winds Board of Directors. During his time on the board, Williams also served in the role of Treasurer. As an Emeritus Official, Williams will offer guidance to the board based on his experience and expertise in the financial industry.

“Jack was always willing to do what was best for the credit union,” said Board Chair R.L. “Ozzie” Oswald, Sr. “He indicated he wanted to go Emeritus about three years ago, but I asked him to stay in place to help us prepare for his replacement. His care for the credit union and our members is deeply appreciated.”

Williams is originally from Pennsylvania, but after a stint in the Navy he started a life in Pensacola. In 1959 he started working at the Chemstrand Plant, where Gulf Winds was founded, and his kind-hearted nature led him to joining the Credit Committee. Williams did not take serving on the committee lightly, and he enjoyed his time helping each loan applicant he could. After the committee disbanded in 1981, he became a board member and has been an ardent advocate since. 

“Jack has made numerous, invaluable contributions to Gulf Winds Credit Union, its members and the credit union movement,” said Daniel Souers, President and CEO of Gulf Winds. “We look forward to his continued involvement as an Emeritus Official.”

The Emeritus Program is available to board members who have served Gulf Winds Credit Union for at least 30 years. This program invites previous board members to attend board meetings and bring their advice to any meeting they wish to attend. Williams plans to remain involved at Gulf Winds and will continue attending board meetings to advise the current directors.