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Candidates for 2023 Board of Directors Election

January 2, 2023

Two positions on the Gulf Winds Board of Directors will be filled this year. Each nominee must meet certain qualifications, be a member in good standing, and be at least 18 years of age. An appointed nominating committee has selected the following two qualified candidates for their vacancies:

Shelly Fountain (3 Year Term)

I’ve served on the Board of Directors for 36 years and I would like to continue serving our members. Through my years of tenure, I have gained knowledge and experience by attending continuing education and training meetings to qualify me as an effective board member.

Gulf Winds has been and will be successful because of members like you and an active and educated Board of Directors. I would like to continue to be part of the decision-making process to help keep our credit union successful in the future. I solicit your vote and support during this election. Thank you for supporting me over the years.

Donna Luebbers (3 Year Term)

I have been an active volunteer on our Gulf Winds Supervisory Committee since 2006, and a member of the credit union since 1995. I have also had the honor of serving on the Information Security Committee for over 6 years. My background is in Information Technology. I am especially interested in how our credit union continues to adapt to technical challenges to best serve our members safely, as well as how we adapt to financial challenges in our changing economy.

In the fall of 2022, I was appointed to fill the remainder of Fred Houston’s term, after he elected to serve in a Board Emeritus role. If elected to serve on the Board at our upcoming Annual meeting, I commit to continue working hard to represent the members of Gulf Winds. I humbly request your support.



Election Notes: If a member meets the qualifications and desires to run for a credit union office, but was not nominated by the nominating committee, he or she may be placed on the ballot by means of petition. The petition (official forms package available from the Gulf Winds administration office) must be signed by 10% of Gulf Winds’ members over age 18 years. The petition must be returned to the administration office no later than February 3, 2023. Candidates by petition must also submit a brief resume of qualifications and a signed certificate that they are agreeable to nomination and will serve if elected. All nominees’ names are certified by the nominating committee before they are recognized as official candidates. If there is only one candidate for each vacancy, a mail ballot will not be conducted. Pursuant to the bylaws, there will be no nominations from the floor at the business meeting.