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Credit Union Leadership

Gulf Winds is led by a volunteer Board of Directors that selflessly give their time and talent to ensure the credit union is safe, sound and secure.

The Board of Directors, elected by the general membership, appoints two important volunteer committees, the Supervisory Committee and the Enterprise Risk Management Committee. The Board also hires an Executive Team, composed of the President/CEO and others, who manage the daily activities of the credit union.

We are proud to have leaders that believe in the genuine, personal way credit unions do business.

The following individuals serve as members of Gulf Winds Board of Directors:

  • R.L. “Ozzie” Oswald Sr., Chairman
  • A. Larry Maltby, 1st Vice Chairman/Secretary
  • Jack Williams, 2nd Vice Chairman/Treasurer
  • Gerald Eady, Director
  • Shelly Fountain, Director
  • Bill Fritchman, Director
  • Fred Houston, Director
  • Nelson Whaley, Board Emeritus (non-voting member)


The following individuals serve as Directors in Training:

  • Donna Luebbers
  • Eric Haines

The following individuals serve as members of the Gulf Winds Supervisory Committee:

  • Sherry Shipp Smith, Chair
  • Mark Ivester
  • Kim Martin
  • Sabrina Crenshaw
  • Sandra Greenwell

The following individuals serve as members of Gulf Winds Enterprise Risk Management Committee:

  • Bill Fritchman, Chair
  • Stephanie Chase
  • Claudette Cromartie
  • DeDe Flounlacker
  • Gary "Bubba" Peters, Jr. 
  • Chris Rutledge
  • Ashley Jansky

  • Chris Rutledge, President and CEO
  • Ashley Jansky, Executive Vice President of Member Experience
  • Dale Johnson, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Performance
  • Kurt Stenerson, Executive Vice President of Digital Innovation