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Savings Tips and Tools for the New Year

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like most Americans, you’re thinking about getting fit — both physically and financially. Gulf Winds can’t do much to build your biceps, but we can help provide tips and tools to help with your finances. One way to get financially fit is to start saving more money. There are many different reasons and ways to save. And since no one saves the same, here are a few tips and tools to help you save your way.

Save for a rainy day

Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan. Maybe 2023 is the year your dog needs a vet, your car is making a funny noise or your kid breaks their arm. Start building a rainy-day fund that you can tap into when you’re stuck in a financial jam by setting up your direct deposit to put a bit of your income into a rainy-day savings account.

Save for the holidays

Have you dared look at your accounts since Christmas? Save yourself some stress and start preparing for the holidays now. It really is never too early to start saving for Christmas and we have just the things you need — a Holiday Share Savings Account.

Save more every day

If your regular savings account isn’t where you want it to be, supercharge your savings by earning more with your money than you can with a regular savings account. We are offer great CD rates and CD specials that earn more on your money without locking it up for too long.

Save for a special day

Do you have a wedding, vacation or big purchase on the horizon? Start saving towards your special day with our Special Share Savings Account.

Save for retirement

Our Raymond James Wealth Advisors can help you live a Life Well Planned. Schedule a free appointment today!

Save yourself a home-repair headache

If you’re ignoring home maintenance to save yourself a few bucks today, it could cost you big tomorrow. Get those needed repairs done with a home equity loan or line of credit. Your future self will thank you!

Refi and save

A penny saved is a penny earned — and Gulf Winds might be able to save you a lot of pennies. We often see members with high car loan rates from other financial institutions. Let our team look at your auto loan from another bank to see if we can beat your current rate and lower your monthly payment. You can even get pre-qualified with no impact to your credit score. 

Check into savings

Unlike many banks, Gulf Winds offers a High Yield Checking Account. This account offers free Digital Banking, ATM access, no service fee and everything you’d expect from a checking account but with the added benefit of earning up to 2% APY on the funds in your account.

With Gulf Winds, you can start saving more money without breaking a sweat in 2023!

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