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Ways to Save on a Home Swimming Pool Installation

Summer is finally here; many are sunbathing or cooling down by the pool. The summer months may have you looking to install an inground swimming pool of your own. Although swimming pool installations can be costly, there are numerous ways you can save without sacrificing the pool of your dreams. Below is a list of helpful suggestions.

Compare Quotes

The simplest way you can save on an inground pool installation is by comparing quotes between contractors. Spell out exactly what you’re looking for and don’t let a contractor convince you to purchase unnecessary add-ons. While price is a primary consideration, quality work should also be a top priority. Check online reviews before selecting a contractor, and be wary of any negative reviews. Keep in mind that the cheapest option might not be the most cost-effective one in the long run. 

Off-Season Installation 

Swimming pool installations tend to be the most expensive in the summer. Some swimming pool contractors offer a discount for off-season installations. Demand is also lower in the off-season, which can result in quicker completion times. Negotiate with your contractor on cost-effective yet quality building materials when installing an inground pool. This, again, will help you save even more.

Go With Vinyl

The bottom line about inground swimming pools is that vinyl pool liners are significantly less expensive than their concrete and fiberglass counterparts. Even though vinyl might be less aesthetically pleasing, its effectiveness is all the same. Just like concrete or fiberglass, vinyl pool lining will only need replacing every ten years.

Size Matters

Larger swimming pools cost more money to install, as you spend more on labor and materials. Opting for a smaller pool size will help you save. When selecting a pool size, keep in mind that standard sizes and shapes are more cost-effective than custom ones. Add-ons, like lights and fountains, will also drive up the price of your swimming pool installation. When installing a pool, stick to your original build plan to avoid overspending. If you’re looking to install a patio with your new swimming pool, check out our blog about building a patio on a budget.


After installing your swimming pool, it's important to maintain it. Regular upkeep prevents costly fixes later but also helps you save on utility bills. Pool maintenance includes pH level monitoring, regular filtration, and keeping your pool clean. Keeping your filtration system clean is also dire, as it reduces the amount of chemical treatments your pool needs, which can save you money. When installing a pool, consider opting for a slightly more expensive high-efficiency pump, which can save you energy and money over time. 

While inground pool installations can be expensive, they don't have to be. A cost-effective swimming pool is not only a fun addition to your home, it can actually increase your home’s resale value. Now is a better time than ever to install a home swimming pool. 

Need financial assistance for your inground swimming pool installation? Gulf Winds can help you out. 


Hunter Morrison

Hunter Morrison

About Hunter Morrison

Hunter has freelanced for various print and radio publications across Northwest Florida, including The Bay Beacon, Navarre Press, Inweekly, Crestview News Bulletin, and WUWF. He was also the Editor in Chief of the University of West Florida’s student newspaper, The Voyager. In 2023, Hunter moved to Kenai, Alaska to take up a news reporting position with KDLL Public Radio. For fun, Hunter enjoys cross-country skiing, hiking, photography, thrifting, traveling, and looking for the best Thai food around. 

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