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Snagging a Deal: What to Look for at Garage/Yard Sales

Snagging a Deal: What to Look for at Garage/Yard Sales

Going on a weekend garage or rummage sale may seem simple enough: You find someone selling unwanted items, and you look for what you like, right? Well, if you just want a fun afternoon of looking for hidden treasure, then that's fine. But, if you want to do some serious shopping you need a strategy. Here are a few tips for finding hidden—and cheap—gems at garage sales. 


Come Early—But Return Again Later

Start your day early when yard sales are just beginning before all of the items have been picked over. If there are items of interest, there are benefits to coming back again later. You'll find that the seller is more willing to give deals on instead of packing all of their items up.


Buy in Bundles

Do you love to read? Are you looking for baby toys? Oftentimes, yard sales will have many of the same type of item. By purchasing more than one thing, you have bargaining power to bundle deals and get a lower overall price.


Build a Relationship

Strike up a conversation with the people holding the yard sale. Be pleasant and chat amicably before you start negotiating. Sellers aren’t looking for aggressive haggling, so building a rapport may help. While getting a deal is great remember that these were once cherished items to the seller. Make sure your expectations aren't insulting. Don't offer $1 for something that the seller has marked for $20. 


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