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3 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

3 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

1. Love

Any married couple knows that relationships are work. Making it this far is a job well done, and you deserve a pat on the back. As it would be, that reward comes in the form of increased chances of fulfillment and happiness. A wealth of scientific literature points to married couples being happier in retirement than single retirees.

If life got in the way of lasting romance then remember that it’s never too late to meet a special someone and start anew. There are plenty of singles groups and online resources to help you find love at any age.

2. Intellectual Curiosity

Of all the snake oil and promises of delayed aging out there, one of the few proven fountains of youth is always staying curious. Along with the wisdom that comes from a life well-lived and lessons hard learned, there’s always more to see and understand. Staying intellectually stimulated keeps life exciting and does wonders for your mental health.

3. Financial Stability

It probably goes without saying that the cornerstone of a happy retirement is financial security. Some basic tips for maxing out your retirement account include keeping a healthy 401k and maintaining an emergency fund at all times. Comprehensive health insurance is another financial boon that’s a must-have for protecting your nest egg and keeping your mind at ease.

All said and done, a happy retirement is about peace of mind. The key is to do your best to make up for the places where you missed the mark and take a sigh of relief for all the things you did right.


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