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How to Get Ready for Summer Travel without Going Bust

How to Get Ready for Summer Travel without Going Bust

Summertime travel takes a lot of coordination when you factor in the total cost of airfare, lodging, car rentals, and daily spending. In order to properly prepare yourself for your trip, there are key tips you can implement to curb your spending and help you save big on your summer vacation.

Start Shopping Early: Planning your vacation at least 90 days in advance will allow you to book at a significantly less expensive rate due to open availability. Websites like Priceline and Expedia offer discounted bundle rates when you book together and save for your trip. If you're hoping to nail a bargain, being flexible with travel dates and flight times — like departing/returning in the middle of the week — will definitely increase your chances.

Cut Down on Spending Two Months Prior: Spending is inevitable but a little goes a long way in terms of saving. Cutting back on simple things — like eating out or going to the movies — for two months prior to your summer vacation can have a significant impact. The idea is to have more spending money for your trip and not get in over your head. Charging expenses to your credit card without considering your finances isn't ideal when you're stuck paying them off long after the vacation ends.

Keep an Open Mind: Popular vacation spots don't come cheap during peak seasons. Keep an open mind and carefully weigh your options when choosing your desired destination. Doing some searching on the internet may help you find great bargains on places you didn't initially consider and can be your best friend when you explore the endless possibilities.

Seek Deals Online: Many big name hotels (Wyndham, Marriot, etc.) offer travel rewards programs with point accumulation and free amenities available to their members. Once you've booked at a great rate, if you're thinking of planning a group/family excursion, reserve it online to save money and guarantee your spot.




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