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How Shopping Local Helps Your Community Financially

How Shopping Local Helps Your Community Financially

How you spend your dollars is important—and not just for the sake of your own budget. Choosing to shop with local businesses and vendors can provide big boosts to our community economy that go far beyond a simple transaction. From creating jobs to easing the burden on the environment, the arguments for shopping local are hard to argue with.

Community Support

Shopping locally means that your money is supporting the hard work of our neighbors and fellow community members instead of global chains. When money is circulated within our community, jobs are created that often provide better employee support than national chains. Keeping business local also reduces the need for large-scale infrastructure such as transportation and manufacturing that is notorious for damaging the environment for the sake of reduced prices of nationally distributed products.


Aside from saving the planet, keeping revenue circulating in your local community can create big advantages for local infrastructure. With more revenue generated through local sales taxes and purchases, more money can be devoted to local neighborhood improvement and sustainability. This can lead to better living spaces, as the policy-makers are often community members who know where changes need to be made.

Diversity and Creativity

A hundred small, locally owned businesses will be able to provide a range of services far beyond what a dozen national chains could do. Why get a hamburger that is the same across the country when you can experience the local creativity and innovation that only local restaurant can provide? Keeping your money in your own community creates more opportunities for business owners to experiment with new offerings to support their community and guarantees levels of diversity not found in large, corporate chains.





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