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A Look at Gulf Winds’ Digital Banking

In this day and age, more financial institutions are offering online and digital banking services. While these services may seem daunting to some, they are actually simple and user-friendly. Many bank members even prefer digital banking because of its ease of access and convenience. With that, below is a guide to digital banking services offered at Gulf Winds Credit Union. 

Digital Banking Tools

Gulf Winds’ digital banking services allow you to manage your accounts anywhere, at any time, from any device. Digital banking allows you to quickly and easily check the balance on your checking or savings accounts, loans, and credit cards. Digital banking also allows you to view and search for recent deposits and transactions. Further, Gulf Winds’ digital services allow users to pay bills and transfer funds online. Transfers and payments can be done instantly or be scheduled. With tools like the Gulf Winds Digital Banking app, you can have account activity alerts sent directly to your smartphone, tablet, or other device. Most digital banking services can even be accessed on an Apple Watch! 

Mobile Check Deposit 

One digital banking feature that stands out in the modern day is mobile check depositing. You can now deposit a check directly on the Gulf Winds Digital Banking app. All you need to do is open the app, endorse the check, and snap a few photos. Believe it or not, mobile check depositing can be a safer alternative to traditional check depositing. The information sent from your phone to your bank account is encrypted, meaning it cannot be compromised by a third party. The image of your check is not stored on your phone, either. For a tutorial on how to make a mobile check deposit, click here. 


An E-Statement is a traditional bank statement that you can view online. E-Statements save time, money, and paper, making them a preferred choice for many. E-Statements can also help prevent identity theft, as they can only be viewed online, and are protected by the latest security measures. Traditional paper statements may put you at a higher risk of identity theft, as they can be delivered to the wrong address, stolen from your mailbox, or recovered from the trash. E-Statements also help to save you physical space, in that you do not have to worry about storing another document. They contain the same information as traditional bank statements, the only difference is they are online. If ever needed, E-Statements can also be printed.

Learn about digital wallets and their benefits.

Digital Wallets

A digital wallet is an online service that allows you to make digital payments with your device. You can use your Gulf Winds credit and debit card with digital wallet services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Nowadays, these forms of payment are accepted almost anywhere you would typically use your credit or debit card. Digital wallets are also more secure than using a traditional credit or debit card, as a password is needed to access it. If your device is ever lost or stolen, your card numbers are still safe, as they are not stored on your device. Rather, a virtual token is used during transactions to keep your account information safe. Setting up your digital wallet on a device is also incredibly simple. To learn more about how to use your digital wallet, check out Gulf Winds’ website.

Bills and Loans

Digital banking can help make managing your payment preferences simple. With the Gulf Winds Digital Banking app, you can access services like CardSwap to pay all subscription, shopping, and streaming service bills in one place. CardSwap works with many digital merchants, including Walmart, Hulu, and Amazon. Setting up CardSwap on the Gulf Winds Digital Banking app is simple, and updates to your card information can easily be made. You can also digitally pay your Gulf Winds loan from another financial institution with Payigy. Payigy allows you to manage loan accounts, set alerts and notifications, schedule payments, and communicate with your lender. You can also make recurring and one-time payments from either a bank account or debit card. Setting up an account and linking your Gulf Winds information with Payigy is simple. 

With continued advances in technology, banking has become easier than ever. Digital banking is proven to not only be more convenient, but more secure. Now is a better time than ever for new and existing Gulf Winds members to take advantage of digital banking services. For more information about Gulf Winds’ digital banking services, click here. 

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