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Caller ID Spoofing Scams

Caller ID Spoofing Scams

Scammers will try anything to try and trick you into thinking they are legitimate callers. One of the latest scam techniques involves “spoofing” a phone number, meaning that when they call you, it appears that they are calling from a particular number.

Scammers may use software that makes your bank or credit union phone number appear on your caller ID, leading you to believe the call is trustworthy. This is one reason that Gulf Winds assures you we will never call you requesting personal, private information.

If you receive a call that appears to be from Gulf Winds – or any other financial institution – that raises question in your mind, please give us or your other bank or credit union a call directly.

Another similar tactic that scammers use is to “spoof” a local phone number or a phone number that is only a digit or two different than your own number in hopes that you will answer. No matter who a caller claims to be, never give out your personal information out over the phone if you have any doubts about the call.

You can read more about Caller ID spoofing here, and learn how you can protect yourself from being scammed.


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