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Three Tips for Winterizing a Home in the South

Although the south is famous for its mild climate, the occasional flurry certainly happens. As southerners aren’t generally expecting temperatures to dip too significantly, lack of preparation can lead to major problems. Low temperatures can sap your home of its efficiency–and your wallet of its contents. Make sure you prepare your home for the winter season with these tips.

1.  Inspect Your Roof

Your roof and gutters should be in good order before cold, wet weather, and investing the time and funds for a professional inspection will save you a lot of money in the long run. Check for loose shingles, ensure that the gutters are clear and secure, and that your chimney flashing is in good order.

2.  Check Your Heating System

Your heater–whether it's a furnace or a heating pump–can fall into disrepair after months of non-use. Make sure your vents aren't obstructed and run tests to check that the heating elements are functional. Also–and most important–check for carbon monoxide with a home safety kit. These can be purchased at larger hardware and retail stores.

3.  Seal and Insulate Your Home

Lack of insulation can increase heating costs and energy drain. Seal your windows and check to make sure doors fit in their frames properly to seal out the cold. If your home doesn't retain heat effectively, think about adding insulation. To make sure your water heater retains heat, consider investing in a water heater jacket.

If you live in the south, you are definitely envied by your cold-climate neighbors. However, lower temperatures will be sure to strike, and if you aren't ready, you will end up paying for it. Take a few precautions now, and enjoy a cozy, comfortable, and affordable winter!

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