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The Perks of Choosing a Credit Card from a Credit Union

The Perks of Choosing a Credit Card from a Credit Union

Many of the people who make the switch from a bank to a credit union often wonder if it’s worth it to get a credit union credit card. If all credit cards provide the same essential services, what makes credit union credit cards any different?

For starters, many people prefer credit unions over banks because of the more personal feel that comes with every interaction. Also, credit union credit cards tend to have attractive rates that big banks don’t.


Credit Union Cards Are More Affordable

The truth is that credit cards issued through credit unions often have lower rates than other credit cards. With average interest rates ranging from 6.90% to 9.90%, even credit union credit cards with the highest APRs tend to be lower than the average credit card.

In addition, it’s standard for most credit union credit cards to have interest rates capped at a certain number. This means that no matter what, the highest interest rates can’t go beyond that percentage.


The Rewards Are Just as Good

Credit cards issued through credit unions have come a long way over the years. The rewards offered through these cards are often competitive with credit cards issued by big banks. Features like everyday rewards points, bonus points through specific merchants, and travel points are common with most credit union credit cards.


They’re Also Great for College Students and Young Adults

Young adults looking to build their credit from the ground up can benefit from credit union credit cards that provide a greater level of flexibility. With built-in security features that can help prevent users from becoming slammed with overdraft fees to lower interest rates, a credit card issued through a credit union is a smart choice for people of all ages.







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