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Shop Safer Online with these 5 Tips

Shop Safer Online with these 5 Tips

1. Keep it private

Obviously, keep your login credentials hidden, but also be wary of accessing sensitive accounts on public internet channels. Public internet (Wi-Fi especially) is easier to break into than private connections and puts you at risk with each login.

2. Beware of suspicious activity

They say the weakest link of any digital security system isn’t the computer—it’s the person behind it. Phishing, email scams, and text fraud are all common in the online world. Keep your eyes open for suspicious activity and be careful about what information you share with strangers.

3. Set up alerts

Work with your credit union or bank to set up alerts that monitor activity in your bank account. These alerts can be sent to your phone and can keep you informed when transactions occur—letting you know in real-time that your account may be compromised.

4. Use layered security

It goes without saying that you should have a sturdy firewall active on any computer that handles your financial data, but don’t stop at the basic. Use dedicated anti-virus tools and malware trackers in conjunction with your firewall to help keep your computer secure.

5. Customize your account

Many features of your online banking account can be customized to restrict access to certain activities. Set up these filters to block specific activities, such as money transfers, that you never use.

Stay Safe Online

The biggest danger of online banking is user error. Be careful about where you log in, what features you have active, and what information you share. Online banking is as safe as traditional banking as long as you approach it with care.


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