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Prepare Ahead of Time for the Best Auto Buying Experience

Prepare Ahead of Time for the Best Auto Buying Experience

If you're in the market for a car, it pays to do research before heading to the showroom. Gulf Winds’ TRUECar Partnership spares buyers the hassle of haggling, offering transparency in its pricing. Unfortunately, most car dealerships don't operate as honestly.



There's a difference between a manufacturer's cost and how much a dealership charges. In retail, there's always a product mark-up. Consumer tools such as TRUECar provide information about market pricing, helping you make the best financial decision on a vehicle. In fact, with True Car you can print out a certificate, take it to participating dealers and know that your price is locked in.



Be another step ahead and get preapproved before going to buy your car. When you get pre-approved with Gulf Winds your rate and term are good for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to find the best car for you and your family.

This means that instead of talking over financing options with the auto dealer you can focus on finding the best new vehicle without added distractions.



At the dealership, salesmen make money on commission. Higher sales volume means more earnings. So, instead of being pressured into a sale, spend some time planning ahead. Do your research and show up at the dealership knowing how much you can spend and what the price point is on your dream car.

Even if you get on the lot and find a different vehicle than you originally intended to purchase, take the time to go home and do your research on TRUECar and other research sites before committing. 


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