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How to Make an Inexpensive Wreath for the Holidays (or Any Time of the Year)

Displaying a wreath on your door or wall can brighten up your home and make you feel happy when you walk inside. With the holiday season upon us, there's not a better time to decorate with a wreath or two. Wreaths purchased from stores can be expensive, ranging from $20-$200. You can still enjoy a beautiful wreath without the expense you find in the home store. In fact, you can make a wreath with inexpensive items that look just as good as the one at Target...for double the price. And don't restrict yourself to Christmas wreaths, these tips are good for festive wreaths all year round. Here are 4 steps you will need to make a DIY wreath for your home.

1.  Find a ring to start creating your wreath 

The first thing you will need to create your wreath is a ring. You can use a metal or wood one, and you can find them from stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Amazon. If you are buying multiple rings, consider buying them in bulk off Amazon to save money. These rings cost anywhere from $2-$15 depending on where you purchase them from. Metal rings will most likely last longer than the wooden ones, but the wooden ones are cheaper, so keep that in mind as you decide which type of ring is best for you.

Here is an example of a simple, metal ring wreath that can be used all year round.

2.  Gather flowers, greenery and other pretty things

One of the cheaper and better-quality places to purchase fake flowers and greenery is Hobby Lobby. They often have sales on their flowers, so take your time as you make your wreath and wait on the best deals so that you can save the most amount of money possible. If you want to create your wreath for a specific season or holiday, you can purchase flowers that match the season’s colors and even pick up a few accessories (example: a small American flag for the Fourth of July) to add to the wreath to make it more festive.

3.  Make sure you have all of the necessary tools

One of the more expensive parts of this project are the tools that you need. However, once you make this purchase, you can keep them and store them to make more wreaths in the future. Here is a list of the tools that you will need to help you make your wreath:

  • Green wire — this will help you tie your flowers on securely to your wreath ring.
  • Floral Wire Cutter or a strong pair of scissors — a wire cutter is the easiest way to cut your green wire, flowers, and greenery into manageable pieces.
  • Hot glue gun — while this is not a requirement, it is certainly helpful to have in case one of your flowers does not want to cooperate and you want it in a specific place.

4.  Create Your Wreath

Now all you have to do if arrange the flowers, greenery, and any other accessories that you may want on your wreath. There is no wrong way to create your wreath, so just have fun with it. Once you have created your wreath, make sure to get a hanger-style command strip to make sure that you will be able to hang up your art either outside or inside your home. Here are a few examples of some evergreen wreaths that you can create:

Here is a DIY wreath with a wooden ring that could be used for Christmastime or any other time of the year.

Making your own wreath can be both a fun and cost-effective way to decorate your home for any season or holiday of the year. You can even use colors that go with your home and never need to switch it out because it goes so well with your décor. This is a perfect activity to do with friends or by yourself if you have a little extra time on your hands. Make sure to research when Hobby Lobby is hosting one of their floral sales to ensure that you are saving as much money as you can.

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