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Holiday Hacks for Your Wallet

Spending money is a given this time of year, between the candy and costumes in October and the gifts, decorations, food and merriment of the winter holiday season, most people find themselves living tight in the other areas of their budgets.

But since the word budget sometimes has a negative connotation, let me introduce you to Gulf Winds’ Holiday Hacks.

Sales the Smart Way

We all know that sales save money, but besides waiting for the annual Thanksgiving-week sales, the most important thing to do is know when the sales will be for the specific brands or items you have in mind. For example, some stores and companies will have annual sales or exclusive membership sales that will take place well before the big buying months, while others extend their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to give consumers more time to purchase.

Another easy tip to remember is to skip the line and buy online. In this digital age, most stores have discounts that are exclusive to online customers and many brick-and-mortar stores now have options for in-store or curbside pick-up for items bought online. Speaking of online sales, another way to save money is to take advantage of free shipping when it is offered.

Plan Ahead

Who are you buying gifts for this year? Children, significant others, family members, friends, co-workers? Whoever is on your list, it is never too early to start planning now how much you want to spend and who you want to spend it on. Having designated money set aside for gifts will help you itemize your other costs and ensure that your finances are healthy going into the new year.

While itemizing your costs, first set aside money for bills that are coming up, then see how much you can designate for gifts to those closest to you. This way, you can prioritize the most important costs and holiday spending before you find yourself in a financial bind.

Do Not Forget About Yourself

During the Holiday season, it can be a challenge to remember that this is supposed to be a celebratory time of year. Make sure to leave some room in your wallet for your own enjoyment, be that a fun night out with friends, buying that item you have been eyeing all year, or whatever it is that you know will bring you some holiday cheer.

Fortune Magazine highlighted that approaching the 2022 season, polls show that consumers are planning to spend more money on those closest to them and exclude those who are not in their immediate circle. For instance, when asking who consumers plan to buy for and what their budget is for each person, the majority of those surveyed said they plan to buy for significant others, children and a small handful of other family members and close friends but have decided to exclude co-workers and extended family members. This allows buyers to spend more on those who matter most to them, and as a bonus can leave more in the bank than in previous years.

What are you waiting for? Look at your finances today and then get these Gulf Winds Holiday Hacks in action!

Savannah Vasquez

Savannah Vasquez

Savannah Vasquez is a local writer and photographer. She has written for local newspapers, tourism websites and colleges over the past seven years. When not working, you will find Savannah paddleboarding and spending time with her husband and two young sons.

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