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Halloween Costumes On A Budget – Easy DIY Ideas

Halloween Costumes On A Budget – Easy DIY Ideas

Buying your little one’s holiday costumes from a department store can be expensive. Why shell out the big bucks when you can save on some fun and creative DIY costume ideas for kids? You’ll have the whole neighborhood buzzing about your one of a kind look while enjoying a special bonding experience with your child. Here are some low-cost yet highly adorable ideas for your next costume adventure.

Bag of Jelly Beans

This costume idea is great for boys and girls alike. Find a clear trash bag and cut holes where your arms and legs would fit. Use a black sharpie to write nutrition facts on the back of the bag, or make a printout version to tape on.  Next, blow up some different colored balloons and fill the bag with them.  Finally, tie the trash bag shut at the neck with a bright red ribbon.  *You can wear brightly colored leggings and a t-shirt underneath this costume.


All you need for this costume idea is a clear umbrella, some art supplies, and a white and purple outfit! Start with some glitter, ribbon, tulle, and feather boas to turn your umbrella into a jelly fish. Drape the tulle over the umbrella, cutting it into strips at the bottom. Line the edges with white feather boas and ribbon for a “flowing in the ocean” feel. Decorate your umbrella with glitter as you see fit!  Wear a white and purple ensemble underneath to match your creation.

Gumball Machine

This idea is perfect for younger kids or babies. Dress them in a red shirt (or hoodie) and black pants. Cut out a square of black and grey felt to make a “25¢” sign and glue it onto the shirt. Finally, completely cover a beanie style hat or the hood of a hoodie with different colored pom-pom balls. Viola! You have a baby gumball machine.






Photo Credit:, user SerrNovik


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