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Don't Get Grinched — Avoid Holiday Fraud Schemes

Don't Get Grinched — Avoid Holiday Fraud Schemes

With the holiday season underway, it is important to know the fraud schemes that are common this time of year. Being familiar with the signs of fraud will help you act against it — so you can keep the holiday cheer! Here’s a list of common holiday scams and how you can avoid them.

1. Porch Pirates

We are all familiar with delivery services leaving packages sit at our front door. It is important that you take initiative to prevent porch pirates from quickly coming up to your door and snagging your presents. The first tip is to track your packages. This way, you know when to expect a delivery and can plan to be at home or swing by your house to pick it up before a porch pirate does. Many delivery services allow you to schedule a delivery time, so you can ensure you will be home when your package arrives. You can also request your package to be sent to a delivery facility who will keep it safe until you're able to pick it up! If you’re an Amazon Prime member, consider using their Key by Amazon service to allow deliveries to your car, garage or inside of your home. This will help eliminate vulnerable packages being left at your door.

2. Fraudulent Websites

During this time of year, there are many scammers that create fraudulent websites that lure customers in and then leave them hanging out to dry. These websites can contain all sorts of fraudulent activity. They might not ship your items after you make a purchase, or they'll steal the personal banking information you submit. When you seek recourse, they have already vanished into thin air. To prevent this from happening to you, remember to always check the validity of the company you are ordering from. If you have never heard of the company or they have no reviews, it may be red flag that you’re walking into a scam. Make sure to look into it further before making any purchases! 

3. Online Survey Scam

The holiday season may be a tough time for those that are tight on cash. In this situation, many people look for ways to make a quick buck. The holiday season is rampant with fake online survey websites that advertise free gift cards or cash upon the completion of a survey. These websites are designed to steal all of the personal information you input, leaving you with no cash and stolen personal information. To prevent this, be weary of situations that are “too good to be true.” If a website advertises free gift cards or cash with the completion of a small activity, there is a chance that it is a scam.


It is important to keep an eye out for scams during the holiday season. Noticing the signs of a possible scam will help you avoid them. As always, the Gulf Winds team is here to answer your questions and provide Service That Soars Above. Learn more about preventing fraud and protecting your identity at our fraud center. And, ifyou don't recognize a transaction on your statement, Gulf Winds makes it easy to dispute a claim online in a few easy steps. Be safe out there! 


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