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When Does Car Maintenance Become More Expensive than It’s Worth?

Vehicle repairs can create big gaps in your budget that you might not have prepared for, and spending more money on repairs may not be the answer you need. It has happened to all of us. You're on the road when all of a sudden the check engine light begins flashing, ultimately causing you to shell out hundreds in expensive repairs that break the budget you've been working so hard to maintain. Vehicle maintenance is a necessary part of car ownership, but there are some strategies you can use to guarantee that you're not paying more than your car is worth.

  • Assess your Vehicle's Value 

Doing a little research into the Blue Book value of your car, the mileage it has, and any previous damage or repairs can give you a good idea of how much your car is worth. If your car comes up short in these areas and has a tendency to break down every few months, it probably isn't worth investing any further into it. It might be time to visit Gulf Winds and get preapproved for a new ride. 

  • Consider Your Repair Options

Assessing where you go for repairs and which repairs are necessary is an important part of vehicle budget management. Getting multiple quotes from various mechanics can help make sure you're getting the best price. Try to keep in mind which repairs are necessary, too. Some are essential to the car’s functions, but if you're considering putting new air conditioning in right before winter, your dollars could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Consider Auto Financing

After these assessments, you may decide that a new vehicle is the right choice but don't have the extra money for it. If this is the case, auto financing can be a great way to get you into a car you love that won't require constant repair. Take advantage of your credit union’s competitive interest rates and loan options and get back on the road without breaking the bank.

Car maintenance can be a drag—stay on top of your options, and protect yourself from burning through your budget on unnecessary repairs.


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