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America Saves Week Day 5 - Saving at Any Age

Saving is a habit that can be formed at any age. Whether you are a parent trying to teach your children about good financial habits or you are an adult that is looking to break out of a bad cycle and work towards financial freedom, learning to save money can begin at any point in your life. A good starting point is to find motivation by thinking of your future self. What does a typical day look like for your future? What hobbies does your future self enjoy? By looking into the future, you can reinforce the concept of saving today for tomorrow.

Saving can seem daunting at first, making you shy away from attempting to form the habit. Remembering that any attempt towards saving and forming healthy financial habits is better than no attempt. Try your best to push yourself so that your future self will thank you!

Resource of the day: America Saves offers a budgeting worksheet for those looking to form a spending and savings plan.

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