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America Saves Week Day 5 — Save as a Family

It's the last day of America Saves Week 2022. Today's theme is Save as a Family! 

One of the best ways to ensure your children will be financially stable is to start talking about money and positive savings habits early. Having money conversations can be as simple as finding ways to save together, as a family. As we round out America Saves Week, we want you to spend time thinking about how you can encourage the young people in your life to #ThinkLikeASaver. After all, savings can be both tangible (like saving in a piggy bank) and intangible (like preserving energy by turning off the lights).

Resource of the Day: This worksheet features some really smart questions to encourage your family to start thinking about your savings goals. 

Keep on Saving

Stay tuned for more useful information and resources about saving money this week. Here are the themes for the rest of the week: 

Save Automatically | Monday, February 21
Save for the Unexpected | Tuesday, February 22
Save For Retirement | Wednesday, February 23
Save By Reducing Debt | Thursday, February 24
Save as a Family | Friday, February 25

Meeting your savings goals won't happen in just a week. It could take years of planning and following good habits to build your financial resilience. We recommend taking the savings pledge. By taking the pledge you will receive useful support, reminders and tips from the America Saves organization to keep you on track with your savings goals. 

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