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America Saves Week Day 3 - Saving for Major Milestones

Everyone has different major milestones that they work for. Some may be working to save up for a home or retirement, while others may be working to save up for a car or college. Prioritizing your goals is important, as it can help guide you in cases where you allocate a greater percentage of your available money towards a specific goal. America Saves offers a spending and saving tool that can help you figure out how much money you can set aside for your milestones.

In many cases, saving isn’t linear. Everyone runs into tough times that can affect their saving goals. It is important to not be discouraged by this temporary pause and to find motivation towards getting back into working towards your goals.

Resource of the day: Listen to Kia McCallister-Young, America Saves Director, discuss saving for major milestones: America Saves Week 2023 : Saving for Major Milestones - YouTube

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