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America Saves Week Day 3 — Save for Retirement

Today is Day 3 of America Saves Week — Save for Retirement!

Saving for retirement can be a scary concept if you aren't sure where to begin. It’s important for you to determine what you want your retirement to look like, so that you can save for the lifestyle you desire. Fast forward to one year into your retirement. What does life look like? Do you live in the town you’re in now, or have you moved to a different location? Do you spend your days relaxing at home, working part time to keep busy, volunteering, or traveling? 

Resource of the Day: Check out Gulf Winds' Financial Learning Center which has an entire section dedicated to retirement planning

Keep on Saving

Stay tuned for more useful information and resources about saving money this week. Here are the themes for the rest of the week: 

Save Automatically | Monday, February 21
Save for the Unexpected | Tuesday, February 22
Save For Retirement | Wednesday, February 23
Save By Reducing Debt | Thursday, February 24
Save as a Family | Friday, February 25

Meeting your savings goals won't happen in just a week. It could take years of planning and following good habits to build your financial resilience. We recommend taking the savings pledge. By taking the pledge you will receive useful support, reminders and tips from the America Saves organization to keep you on track with your savings goals. 

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