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7 Ways to Spring Clean and Earn Extra Cash

Cluttered houses can be frustrating. Sometimes your clutter may come from having too much stuff with no place to put it. Spring is the perfect season to clean out those closets and rooms that you haven’t gone through in the past year and get rid of the junk. It’s time to get your house in shape. But there’s more than just a tidy house waiting at the end of all that hard work. With just a few additional steps, you can put some extra cash in your wallet. Here are 7 ways to earn extra cash while you do your spring cleaning.

  • Trade in your electronics 

Gather all those old gadgets and devices you no longer use and bring them to your local electronics store. They’ll likely offer you a gift card for your treasures. Some larger chains, like Best Buy, run a retail-collection program to help you responsibly dispose of old electronics, giving you the chance to earn a gift card. If you’ve got older smartphones or laptops that are in decent condition, they should be able to fetch you a pretty penny. You can also try selling your stuff on Gazelle. They pay to for you to ship your used electronics to them, and once they receive your items, you’ll get paid via check, gift card, or PayPal.

  • Get cash for your clothes 

Your outdated clothing might fit someone else’s fashion preferences. Bring your old clothing to a consignment shop to see what they’re willing to buy from you. You can also search for consignment chains, like Plato’s Closet or Clothes Mentor, or look up online consignment shops like ThredUp, Tradesy or Poshmark. Poshmark has recently become very popular, and if you work hard enough on selling your clothes on the app, you can get a great profit for it! If you're interested in selling your items as Plato's Closet, check out the article below to learn tips on how to make more monney there.

Obtained from theOdysseyOnline. Click here for article. 

  • Trade in your video games 

If you’ve got a serious gamer at home, consider trading in your old games at GameStop. You’ll get store credit while getting rid of that huge pile of video games!  Another option is to sell older video games on Ebay.

  • Sell old books 

While Books-A-Million will purchase some of your used books, there are also several websites that will buy your books from you. Some of these sites include and Amazon. Books are also great seller on Ebay. If you’ve got a stack of textbooks lying around, sell them online on BookFinder, Cash4Books or eCampus. 

Amazon article on selling books. Click here to read more about how to sell your books on Amazon.

  • Get cash for unused gift cards 

Do you have a pile of gift cards you'll never use? There are loads of sites that offer a gift-card exchange. Though you may not make back the full amount, you’ll usually score a decent offer. 

Try your luck at or and have cash instead of useless cards. 

  • Donate to charity 

Donating unused clothing, toys or electronics to charity might be the most worthwhile way to get rid of clutter. As an added bonus, donating goods to charity will earn you a tax deduction, so long as you keep your receipt, you will be relieved to have that during tax season.

Goodwill Donation Impact Calculator. Click here to see how much you may be able to deduct from your taxes.​​​​​

  • Host a Garage Sale

One last great option to help you earn money for getting rid of some of your old items is by hosting a garage sale. Save this option for last because you will most likely not get as much money as you would for selling your items through the strategies above. However, garage sales are still a great way to make a little extra cash. There are many free ways to advertise your garage sale and attract customers including Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List. You also can’t beat putting an old-fashioned cardboard sign on the roads .

Cleaning the house can be fun and help you earn some money! With a bit of extra planning, you can earn a nice amount of cash while cleaning out the house. Tell us how you earn cash with your old stuff!

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