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Secure Access Code - What you need to know

Our Online and Mobile Banking service has a security feature you may not be familiar with; it’s called a Secure Access Code (SAC). This SAC allows us to identify you and keep your accounts secure online by sending a 6-digit code to one of the contact points we have on file for you.

This SAC will be sent when you log in for the first time, and any other time you log in using a computer or mobile device you have not registered before. This protects you in the case that someone obtains your user ID and password and tries to log in and gain access to your accounts online. If they cannot retrieve the SAC, which is sent to a contact point we have on file for you, they cannot access your online banking accounts. 

Below is what the Secure Access Code screen looks like. When you reach this page, you select the method in which you receive the SAC. Make sure you can get it and enter it quickly. It is only valid for 15 minutes.

SAC Screen

Once you have entered your 6-digit SAC, you will be asked if you would like to register your device.

Register Device Screen

If you select “Register Device” you will not have to go through the SAC validation process again as long as cookies are enabled on your web browser. Click here to learn more about cookies.

Our aim is to keep your accounts as secure as possible while using online banking. Along with numerous back end processes, the Secure Access Code procedure helps keep you protected.