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Secure Access Codes

Ensuring your information is safe and secure.

Your security is important to us, especially when it comes to Digital Banking. To ensure your account information remains secure online, our Digital Banking platform utilizes a Secure Access Code (SAC) security feature. This SAC allows us to identify you by sending a 6-digit code to your designated point of contact.

How It Works

Secure Access Codes are sent to your designated point of contact when logging into Digital Banking for the first time or from a computer/mobile device you have not previously registered. This prevents unauthorized users from obtaining and using your login information to access your online accounts. If an unauthorized user cannot retrieve the SAC sent to your point of contact, they cannot access your Digital Banking accounts.

Provided below is an example of the Secure Access Code screen within the Digital Banking platform. When you reach this page, select the method in which you’d like to receive the SAC. Codes are only valid for 15 minutes, so please ensure you can access and enter it into the platform quickly.

SAC Screen

Once you have entered your 6-digit SAC, you will be asked to register your device. If you select “Register Device,” you will not have to complete the SAC validation process again as long as cookies are enabled on your web browser.

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Register Device Screen

Gulf Winds Digital Banking is the perfect way to bank anytime, anywhere. Stress less and enjoy life knowing that we are here to keep your accounts safe, secure and protected.