Turn On e-Statements

Save time, money, and lose up to 6 pounds of paper every year when you sign up for our free e-Statements.

With e-Statements, you get the same information in a paper statement, but without the added weight, bulky clutter and big risk of mail fraud.

Lose 6 Pounds in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1  Log in to online banking.

Step 2  In the main menu click
Services > e- Statements.

Step 3  Accept and agree to receive e-Statements.

Five Reasons to Sign Up for Free e-Statements

  1. Prevent identity theft. Your e-Statements can only be accessed through online banking, which is protected by the latest security measures. Paper statements put you at risk for identity theft because they can get delivered to the wrong address, taken from your trash or stolen from your mailbox.
  2. Save money. Turning on e-Statements trims the expense of printing and mailing statements. Those savings come back to you as lower loan rates and higher deposit rates.
  3. Save time. An email notification tells you when your e-Statement is ready - so no waiting on the mail. Plus you can log on and view statements 24/7, whenever isconvenient for you.
  4. Go green. In a single year the average household saves 6 pounds* of paper and 23 pounds of wood by switching to electronic bills, statements and payments.
  5. Fight clutter. Do you really need more to stuff in your files or stacks on your desk? Your e-Statement contains all of the same information as bulky paper without the mess.

Lose the extra weight and save money — turn on e-Statements today.

*Source: https://electronicpayments.nacha.org/direct-payment/consumers/direct-payment-consumers#dp-con-faqs