Biller Direct

Real-time payments all in one place.

The days of visiting multiple websites to pay your bills are gone! With Biller Direct, you can now make payments and manage your bills from one easily accessible location.

Conveniently located within the Gulf Winds Digital Banking platform, Biller Direct helps you link your accounts, set up payments and receive real-time updates so you always know your balance, payment amounts and due dates.

Why use Biller Direct?

  • Instant Payments
  • Easy Tracking
  • Set Up Bill Alerts & Notifications
  • Review Activity

View, manage and pay your bills with Biller Direct

Start by logging into your Digital Banking platform. Launch Biller Direct by selecting "Pay" and then "Biller Direct" in the left-hand menu.

Select Company Screen
Add a bill / Link a company

Account Information Screen
Enter and verify billing account credentials

Pay Bill Screen
Make payments using your Gulf Winds bank account, debit or credit card

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any fees to use Biller Direct?

Gulf Winds does not charge for use of the Biller Direct feature.


What do I do if the biller I want to pay isn't an option?

The Biller Direct network consists of more than 6,500 billers and is constantly growing. Billers must be able to accept payments through their website. If your biller isn't an option, please feel free to let us know. We will request that the biller be added in the future. You can also check back routinely to see if your biller has been added.

How long will it take my bill to sync?

If a bill indicates that it is syncing, the bill was not immediately available from the biller. Syncing should be complete within 24 hours.

How do I turn Autopay On/Off?

Click on the bill that you'd like to adjust, then select "Settings". From this screen, you will have an option to adjust the Automatic Payment Scheduling.

How do I schedule a payment?

To make an immediate payment, select the bill you wish to pay, your desired payment method, and click "pay now". To schedule a future payment, select the bill you wish to pay, your desired payment method, click "schedule", and select the date you would like the payment to be made.

When will my bill be paid?

Your bill will be paid by the end of the selected payment day. However, some billers may take additional time to post the payment to your account.

Why wasn't my bill paid?

Your bill could have failed to be paid for a few reasons: declined payment, problem with login credentials, or a problem accessing your bill to make the payment. Look for the "attention required" message for more details about why your payment failed.

How do I know when my bill has been paid?

Your bill will move to the "paid" section once it has been paid. You will also receive any notifications regarding the paid bill that you have set up under "settings".

How do I change the payment date on a scheduled payment?

To change the payment date, you will need to cancel the payment and schedule a new one. This can be completed up until the payment date. Once your bill is processing, you cannot cancel the payment.

Can I make a partial payment through Biller Direct?

Biller Direct does not currently support partial payments.

Why was my payment declined?

Your payment may have been declined for several reasons: insufficient funds, incorrect account information (for ACH payments), or because your card has been disabled.

Payment Methods

How do I change my payment method?

To change the payment method for a specific bill, select the bill, navigate to "settings", and select "preferred payment method". To add or remove a payment method, navigate to the "settings" option by selecting the blue circle at the bottom right of the page and select "payment methods". From there, you can add or delete payment methods.

NOTE: Only Gulf Winds debit/credit cards and accounts may be added to Biller Direct.

Why am I receiving an error message when adding a new payment method?

You will receive an error message if you have entered incorrect debit or credit card information. You will receive this same message if you are attempting to add a payment method from another financial institution.

How do I fix a provider that says "attention required"?

Select "fix now" to be directed to the provider login where you can complete any steps needed. After completing any necessary steps, select "I fixed it" inside Biller Direct. Once complete, we will authenticate the fix with your provider.

Notifications and Settings

Where do I manage my Biller Direct notifications?

Navigate to the "settings" option by selecting the blue circle at the bottom right of the page.

NOTE: We strongly recommend you keep notifications turned on for Biller Direct. If you turn off notifications, we will be unable to communiciate to you any problems with your bills.