Term Share Certificates

Share Certificates, commonly referred to as Certificates of Deposit or CD, are a secure investment that pays a higher rate than a traditional savings account. Gulf Winds offers several Share Certificates with varying terms from which you may choose. The minimum balance for each Share Certificate is $500, with dividends earned daily and credited and compounded monthly. Early withdrawals are subject to penalty.

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Term Share Certificate Accounts
Term Dividend Rate APY Compound Frequency Minimum Deposit
6 Month 0.349% 0.35% Monthly $500
12 Month 0.449% 0.45% Monthly $500
18 Month 0.499% 0.50% Monthly $500
24 Month 0.549% 0.55% Monthly $500
36 Month 0.648% 0.65% Monthly $500
48 Month 0.648% 0.65% Monthly $500
60 Month 0.797% 0.80% Monthly $500

Rates as of . APY=Annual Percentage Yield
Early withdrawal penalties may apply.
This rate sheet is incorporated into the Account Agreements and Disclosures.
The rate and APY stated for Term Share Accounts is the rate that was offered within the most recent seven calendar days.
Rates and yields are subject to change at any time.
APY assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity.
Gulf Winds reserves the right to discontinue or modify offers at any time.
18 and 48-month terms are not available online. Please visit a branch or call 1.800.650.6328 for these term options.
*Restrictions may apply to promotional products.