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Online Banking is Now Your E-Branch

Gulf Winds is proud to bring to you our new and improved online banking service. When accessing your account for the first time now, you will need to complete a few extra steps to activate your account. Below is an overview of the process you will be taken through to activate your account. For a detailed description of the account activation process, refer to the postcard that was mailed (current online banking customers) or the Quick Start Guide that was included in this month's newsletter. If you do not have either of those items, please download the Quick Start Guide (PDF) before you begin.

  1. To get started, you will need to activate your account for E-Branch. Your current login ID (account number) will be replaced with a username to improve security. During account activation, please use the primary account holder's information to complete the activation form. For businesses, please use the Tax ID number and business account number to activate.
  2. Your username will become your new login. As part of the activation process, you will select a new username (numbers and/or letters only) to replace your account number as your login ID. Your username will need to be at least 8-32 characters long.
  3. Account activation will help you set up new security questions. During activation, you will be asked to select a security image, and select a key phrase. The setup process will walk you through these steps. The enhanced security measures will help keep your account even more protected.

Once you have completed the account activation process you will be taken to your new E-Branch.

For information how to navigate the new E-Branch system once logged in, view the E-Branch Online User Guide (demo).

Get Started

We're Here to Help

After referring to the postcard, the Quick Start Guide (PDF), and/or clicking through the E-Branch Online User Guide (demo), if you have any problems, we're here to help. As always, we’ll be ready to help if you experience any issues with Online Banking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why is Gulf Winds changing its Online Banking? View

We’re changing to make your online banking experience better, easier and more rewarding! We’re adding the ease of single sign-on for rewards, credit card access and e-statements, the functionality of e-Alerts, the ability to see check images within online banking, and much more! The transformation will include Online Banking and Bill Pay services in one easy-to-navigate system.

Will I need to re-register for Online Banking? View

Yes. In a continued effort to provide a top level of security you will find a few changes to the login credentials. To improve security, your current login ID (account number) will be replaced with a User ID. During online access registration, you will need to use the primary member’s information. For business accounts, the Tax ID number should be used. You will be asked to choose and answer security questions, and to select a personal image. These enhanced security measures will help keep your account even more protected.

Will my history and transactions be converted to the new Online Banking service? View

Yes. Ninety (90) days of transaction history will be converted to the new system.

Can I use my account number as my User ID? View

No. You will create a personalized User ID, which will require both alpha and numeric characters and must be 8-32 digits long. This change in format will keep your account more secure.

What if I forget my User ID or Password? View

To reset your User ID, please call our Contact Center 850-479-9601. To reset your Password, please select the Forget Password link when signing on. You will be asked to validate account information and will then be able to create a new password.

Why do I need to answer security questions? View

Our new system utilizes an authentication process for your security. If the system detects Online Banking activity outside of your normal established behavior, it will verify your identity using the security questions that you set up. Here’s an example: You usually login from your home computer between 7-8:00 p.m. to do your Online Banking. You didn’t have time to balance your checking account the night before and decide to login from your work computer the next morning. This could trigger a security question to be asked since the location and time of logging in is different than your normal behavior.

Will my Bill Pay Payees and Scheduled Payments be converted to the new system? View

Yes! Your Payees and Scheduled Transfers will be converted. You can now Add Payee or even Make a Payment from any page within Online Banking through the Quick Links tab. Recurring Transfers that you previously set up in Online Banking (example: Recurring Monthly Transfer from a Gulf Winds Savings to a Gulf Winds Loan) will continue to be processed, but will no longer show up in the Scheduled Transfer section in the new Online Banking service. If you need assistance with these transfers, please call our Contact Center at (850) 479-9601.

Will I still have access to my Electronic Statements? View

Yes. You will have access to 18 months of statements from your E Statement original enrollment date. One change you will notice is that you will now be able to view check images within Online Banking Transaction History instead of waiting for your monthly statement to cycle.