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Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union

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Phone Banking and General Inquiries:

Pensacola Area: 850.479.9601    Tallahassee Area: 850.562.6702

Toll Free: 800.650.6328


Lost or Stolen ATM or VISA Debit Card:

Pensacola Area: 850.479.9601    Tallahassee Area: 850.562.6702

Toll Free: 800.650.6328

After Hours, Weekends and Holidays: 800.472.3272

Lost or Stolen Credit Card:

Toll Free: 800.449.7728    More Contact Info

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Deposit Secured Loans

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A deposit-secured loan will allow you to receive a lower rate than non-secured personal loans because your savings or certificate account guarantees the loan.

How does it work?

To receive a deposit secured loan, you must have either a Share Savings account or a Share Certificate account with Gulf Winds. Your collateral is essentally the amount of money held in either of those types of accounts.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple Application Process
  • Fixed Term and Rate
  • As Payments are Made, Those Funds Become Available

Deposit Secured Loan Rates**

Term Lowest Annual % Rate
60 months +3.00%
96 months +4.25%
120 months +5.25%

**Add the margin to the CD dividend rate to determine the interest rate on the loan.
Share/CD Secured Loans: Maximum Term 120 Months