Deferred Loan Payment Request – Storm Damage

Many of our members are feeling the economic impact from the recent storm. If your day-to-day finances have been disrupted, we're offering a 30-day deferment program on Gulf Winds loans. Fill out the below deferment request form to get started.

Please note: Loan payments that were due prior to are not eligible. Some restrictions may apply. This deferment is only available to members in good standing.

Enter the account numbers for the loans you want to defer below:

If you have your loan payments set up in Online Banking on automatic transfer you will need to cancel the transfer for payments or they will be processed as usual. Then, when applicable, reset your automatically scheduled payment to resume in Online Banking. All other automatic transfers will be moved forward accordingly.

Thank you for your membership.
A loan deferment gives you the ability to defer predetermined monthly payments in order to have additional financial flexibility. If approved, your current due date will be advanced three months, finance charges will continue to accrue, and the maturity date of your loan(s), as applicable, will be extended. If you have GAP coverage on your loan, the deferred payments on that loan may affect the benefit amount. Please refer to your GAP protection documents.