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Gulf Winds has teamed up with Apple® to help you pay in a more simple, secure and private way. That means you can now use your Gulf Winds Visa Credit Card and Visa Debit Card directly from your Apple device to pay for purchases at many of your favorite stores.

Apple Pay is available on many Apple devices and is the convenient way to pay with a simple touch of your finger.

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Simple Enrollment

  • It’s easy to add your Gulf Winds Credit and/or Debit Cards to Apple Pay. Simply open the Passbook app on your iPhone to get started.
  • If your Gulf Winds Visa Credit or Debit Card is already connected to your Apple iTunes account, just enter the security code on the back of your card when you enroll in Apple Pay.
  • To add your Gulf Winds Visa Credit or Debit Card that is not in iTunes, you can open Passbook, then swipe down and tap the plus sign. Then snap a picture with your iSight camera to capture the card information or enter it in manually.
  • Apple Pay will perform a secure and simple validation with Visa and Gulf Winds before the card is ready to use.
  • The card you had stored in iTunes is your default payment card, but you can always switch it in Settings.

Get detailed setup and use instructions at


Seamless Checkout

  • A simple touch lets you quickly checkout with your Gulf Winds Card both in-store and in apps right on your phone.
  • There's no need to take out your physical card or type in your payment information - just get right to paying.

​Here's How You'll Do It:

  • Look for the Pay Wave or Apple Pay symbol at checkout and hold your phone near the contactless reader.
  • Place your finger on the Touch ID™.
  • Keep your phone by the reader until it vibrates and beeps, indicating your payment was accepted. You may need to enter a PIN or sign a receipt.


Secure Transactions

  • With Apple Pay, your transactions are private. In fact, the entire transaction is secure, as your credit and debit card numbers aren't stored on the device or on Apple's servers, so they're never shared with the merchant.
  • Apple doesn’t save your transaction information. Apple Pay doesn’t store the details of your transactions so they can’t be tied back to you. Your most recent purchases are kept in Passbook for your convenience, but that’s as far as it goes.
  • And, if your iPhone or iPad is ever lost or stolen, you can use Find My iPhone to quickly put your device in Lost Mode to suspend Apple Pay, or you can wipe your device completely clean.
  • If there is a fraudulent charge on your card, Visa's Zero Liability Policy1 guarantees that you won't be held responsible.

1) Visa's Zero Liability Policy covers U.S.-issued cards and does not apply to certain commercial card transactions or any transactions not processed by Visa. You must notify Gulf Winds immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please contact us.


Accepted in great stores and apps. With more added every day.

Apple Pay lets you use iPhone and Apple Watch to pay in hundreds of thousands of stores accepting contactless payments. You can also make purchases within participating apps on iPhone 6, iPad Air and iPad mini. And there are more stores and apps to come. (For a complete list of devices that Apple Pay is available on visit,

Look for one of these symbols at checkout.

Use Apple Pay in these stores and apps.


Which devices can I use with Apple Pay?

Please visit for a complete list of devices in which Apple Pay is available.

Will Apple Pay be available on my Android Phone?

Gulf Winds intends to allow cardholders to use similar services with other mobile devices, including Android Phones, as they become available.

Where can I use Apple Pay?

Visit the Apple Pay site for a list of participating merchants and mobile apps.

How do I use Apple Pay?

When making purchases at a retailer that has a contactless Pay Wave terminal, hold your device over the terminal and accept the charge with your fingerprint or passcode when prompted. A subtle vibration and beep lets you know the purchase was successful.

Your experience with Apple Pay may vary by merchant. If asked to verify the last four digits of your card number when making a purchase, instead provide the last four digits of the device account number. The device account number can be found by selecting the ⓘ icon while viewing your card in Passbook. You may also be asked to provide a signature to complete your transaction.

How do I add my Gulf Winds card to Apple Pay?

There are two different ways to add your Gulf Winds Credit Card or Debit Card to Apple Pay. If you already have a Gulf Winds Credit Card or Debit Card on file with iTunes, you can add it to Apple Pay by entering the security code on the back of your card.

To add a new Gulf Winds card to Apple Pay, use your device camera to enter your card information or type it in manually.

How do I set my Gulf Winds card as my default card to pay?

Go to Passbook in your iPhone settings to set your default card.

Can I add my Gulf Winds credit card to Apple Pay on multiple devices?

Yes, you can add your Gulf Winds Credit Card and Debit Card to Apple Pay on multiple compatible devices.

How do I remove a card from Apple Pay?

To remove a card from Apple Pay, simply select the card in Passbook and click on the ⓘ icon in the bottom corner to view the back of the card. Scroll to the bottom to find the ‘remove card’ option. After deleting, you can re-add this card to Apple Pay at any time.

Can I use a card other than my default card to make a purchase?

Yes. When you hold your Apple Pay device over a contactless payment terminal to make a purchase, your default card will be displayed at the top of the screen and your other cards will appear stacked at the bottom. If you would like to use a card other than your default card to make the purchase, simply tap on the stack of cards at the bottom of the screen to view your other cards, select the one you would like to pay with and use your fingerprint or passcode to complete the purchase like normal.

Where can I make payments with Apple Pay?

To make in-store payments with your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch, look for the contactless payment symbol at participating Apple Pay merchants. You can also make in-app purchases on your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 with participating merchants using Apple Pay. You can not make in-app purchases with an Apple Watch.

How is my information protected when using Apple Pay?

With Apple Pay, instead of using your actual credit and debit card numbers, when you add your card to Passbook a unique device account number is assigned, encrypted, and stored on a dedicated chip on your Apple device. When you make a purchase, the device account number along with a dynamic, transaction-specific security code is used to process your payment. This means that your actual credit or debit card number is never shared with merchants or transmitted with the payment.

Will I still earn rewards and benefits from my card when I pay using Apple Pay?

Yes. You’ll get all the benefits and protections that your credit card and debit card provides. If you currently earn credit card rewards on purchases, you’ll continue to earn them for purchases made with Apple Pay.

How will I know a transaction was successful?

After completing a payment using Apple Pay, confirmation will appear in Passbook.

Will I be able to see a history of my transactions made with Apple Pay?

Yes. Your most recent purchases are kept in Passbook.

What if I need to return an item?

The return process varies by merchant. You may need to present a receipt from the merchant to return the item. To complete the return, hold your Apple Pay enabled device over the contactless payment terminal and wait for the slight vibration of the device to confirm the refund has been processed.

What should I do when I receive a new, renewed or replacement card?

For any new or replacement cards, you will go through the initial set up of providing the basic payments details to add the card to Apple Pay. For a card renewal, the new expiration date will be automatically provided from Visa to Apple seamlessly, with no action required by you.

What happens if I replace, update, or lose my Apple Pay device?

If you replace or update your device, your Gulf Winds Credit Card and Debit Card will not be transferred automatically. You will need to set up Apple Pay again and re-add your cards on the new device.

If your Apple Pay device is ever lost or stolen, you can use Find My iPhone to easily suspend the device account number, or call Gulf Winds using the number found on the back of your card(s) to suspend it for you. You can continue to make purchases using your physical card(s) even when the device account number is suspended on Apple Pay.

What if I still have questions or need help with Apple Pay?

Give us a call at 1.800.650.6328.

Apple, the Apple logo, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.


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