Mortgage Upgrades & Changes for Current Borrowers Begin Oct. 5

The Gulf Winds Mortgage team is excited to announce that we will be upgrading our system to improve your experience as a member. The upgrade will be implemented on October 5, when you will notice the following new features:

  • New online portal
    The new portal has an updated design for easy navigation and provides better access to your account. When you select My Mortgage in your Gulf Winds Mobile & Online banking account, you will be directly routed to the new portal. My Mortgage can be found in the Menu under ServicesIn some cases, you will need to complete a one-time setup to access your account in the portal. See the instructions below to set up your account in the new online portal. Once you have initially gained access to the portal, you will no longer need to provide additional credentials to see your mortgage account and make online payments.
  • Further control of your payments
    The new system clearly outlines how your monthly payment is applied to the different parts of your mortgage, like your principal and escrow account. You can also easily direct additional payments to a specific part of your mortgage in the online portal. 
  • More comprehensive statements
    Your monthly statement will soon provide more detail about your mortgage. If you have multiple accounts with Gulf Winds, your mortgage statement will now be a separate document, instead of being listed with your other accounts. November's statement will be mailed to all mortgage members. If you are signed up for e-statements, your mortgage statement will be available electronically beginning with December's statement.

Mortgage Payments

We will continue to accept payments until we go live on October 5. Payments made October 1-4 will process on October 5, but will be credited on the actual day of payment. Members will not be negatively impacted via late charge or credit reporting due to this issue. Mortgage payments can still be made by mail, in a branch, over the phone or through the new online portal.

To avoid late fees, please allow time for payments made online to process. If you are paying from a Gulf Winds account, it will take one business day for your payment to be credited to your mortgage account. If you are paying from an account held by another financial institution, it can take up to three business days for your payment to be credited.

Partial payments will no longer be accepted.

We also offer options for setting up convenient, automatic monthly payments. To set up automatic payments, please visit a branch, call or set up a recurring payment in the new online portal.

Important Note for Automatic Monthly Payments

If your automatic monthly payment was originally set up through Mobile & Online Banking, you will need to reauthorize your payment. Please authorize automatic payments in the new system between October 5 – October 30 for your payment due November 1. You can set up a new automatic payment over the phone, in a branch or through the new online mortgage portal by clicking the recurring payment option and following the prompts. 

If you originally arranged automatic monthly payments in a branch or on the phone, no update is required. Your payments will continue automatically. If you are unsure how you set up your automatic payment, please reach out to our Contact Center for assistance.

Online Portal Registration Instructions

  1. Click on your mortgage account in Mobile & Online to be redirected to the new mortgage portal.
  2. Select Register on the mortgage portal to supply your credentials.
  3. Enter your Loan Number and Social Security Number (SSN). When you enter your loan number, enter only the numbers after the underscore (XXX_XXXXXXX).
  4. Select a new username and password. Moving forward, you will not need to enter this information and will be directly sent to your account details from Online & Mobile banking.