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Save Money on Food Costs with these Back-to-School Tips

Posted on Monday, Sep 9, 2013

Whether you’re a single college student or a parent of four, any way to save money is helpful. Everyone has to eat, but there’s no need to overspend on your next grocery run. Going back to school in the fall can often be an expensive time of the year, so it’s important to budget as much as you can. You have the potential to save big on your grocery bill. Try these helpful money saving tips on your back to school grocery trip:

Sit down and plan before you shop. This will allow you to set a food budget, find out the store’s specials and take inventory of your current supplies to see what you need.

Eat before you go to the store. We’ve all been there. You go to the grocery store hungry and you leave with double the groceries. Have a clear head and a full stomach before you purchase food.

Find rewards. Many grocery stores offer free rewards cards that help you save on certain products each week.

Try store brand products. After all, the difference is usually only in the name. Try saving a few cents next time by purchasing store brand items. While you’re at it, look out for coupons and try buying your items in bulk to freeze or save for later.

Pay attention to the numbers. If you find yourself stuck between two items, look at the cost per portion. This will help you see that the lower cost is not always the best deal.

Stay practical. Sometimes we lose sight of finances and get excited about unneeded things for future recipes or impulse desires. If you can’t think of a when you will get around to using a particular product, it’s best not to purchase it.

Remember to use these helpful grocery store tips during the back to school rush. After a little planning you can cut down on your grocery bill and minimize your food waste. For more financial guidance, contact us to learn about banking at Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union.

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