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Celebrating Halloween Can Get Expensive. Try These Money Saving Tips.

Posted on Monday, Sep 30, 2013

Halloween is only weeks away, and it’s time to plan for costumes, candy and spooktacular gatherings. During this festive fall time of superstition and celebration, activities such as trick-or-treating and parties are on many of our agendas during October. Here are a few tips on how you can save some money on Halloween expenses so you won’t be left in a fright come November.

The costume
Boo! Last year about 170 million Americans were expected to spend $8 billion on total Halloween expenses according to National Retail Foundation. You can still have a fun time without overspending this year. Whether for you or for a child, many costumes can be easily made with items you already own.

If you don’t have what you need, look for select pieces at a thrift store for better savings. Still looking for a more elaborate costume? Try renting one from a specialty costume shop for a lower rate than purchasing it. If you’re set on purchasing a particular costume, compare prices online for the same costume to make sure you get the best deal.

The candy
Whether you stay home or host a party, you are probably planning on purchasing candy for trick-or-treaters or guests. Rather than buying small bags of different types of candy, buy candy in bulk to save money. Another way to save is to look for the price per unit to make sure your getting the biggest bang for your buck. And, attempt to ration candy so that you don’t run out too soon.

The decorations
There’s no need to purchase the first glowing goblin you see at a retail store. Instead, trying making simple decorations the set a spooky tone for the evening. To make ghosts, use open white plastic garbage bags, a ball of wadded up newspaper stuffed into the head area, then a rubber band used to secure the neck. You can draw a face on the head with a permanent marker and hang these plastic ghosts from trees and just about anywhere else.

Want to make a graveyard? You can easily make headstones out of stiff cardboard or plywood and attach a garden stake to the back of each decorated headstone and hammer them into the ground.

Using money saving tips like these can help you enjoy Halloween this year without overspending. Getting festive for Halloween is easy following tips like this and when you make smart every day financial decisions like switching to a free checking account. Find more ways to save money by banking at Gulf Winds.

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