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My Life, My Job, My Career: 5 Simple Tips to Help You Find Balance

My Life, My Job, My Career: 5 Simple Tips to Help You Find Balance

Life moves fast. From personal time to job searching to career paths, before you know it you’ll be retired and wondering where the days went. Finding a balance between life, your current job, and your career goals is necessary for your health and mental well-being.

  1. Move Past Perfection: Realizing that you’re not perfect and never will be is a good thing. People often measure their success against a fictionalized model of what perfection is, and when you can’t reach that level, it can be disheartening. Move past perfection to make room for progress.
  2. Occasionally Unplug: Turn off the phone, step away from the computer, and get out of the office on occasion—especially if your office is at home. Unplugging entirely is a great way to forget about work and focus on you.
  3. Restructure: Whether it’s at home, work, or while making future career plans, it’s crucial to understand how important making small changes can be. Whether that’s reprioritizing goals or eliminating unnecessary stress. Short-term and long-term restructuring can be a way to revitalize your motivation and prioritize your ambitions.
  4. Plan Downtime: Just like unplugging, it’s important to plan downtime into your schedule both at home and at work. This doesn’t mean schedule some sit-in-your-chair-and-do-nothing downtime to unwind, but it can. More importantly, it’s about learning how to break up your schedule into digestible, different, and still-productive pieces.
  5. Set Goals: Set personal goals. Set 9-5 p.m. work goals. Set career path goals. Once you have a general idea of where you want to be and why, you can start moving in that direction. Remember, plans change and goals can too.

Rinse and Repeat! If there were a one-size-fits-all answer to life/work/career balance, everyone would be happy and content. Unfortunately, there’s not. Life is a constant attempt to move toward perfection, restructure, and make new goals. Wash, rinse, and repeat as needed.








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