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How to Save on Back to School Expenses

How to Save on Back to School Expenses

With each new school year comes the inevitable rush that retail outlets love and many parents love to hate: Back to school shopping!

Of course, your kids will need supplies, like pencils, notebooks, folders, and the like, but didn’t you just get them a new backpack last year? And are those shoes worn out already?

Yes, unfortunately, back to school expenses often add up to a pretty hefty price tag by the time the kiddos head back to the classroom. Keep these tips in mind to save during your yearly shop-a-thon:

  • Shop discount stores: Dollar stores and discount outlets are great for back to school shopping. Many supplies like colored pencils or pens can be found for cheap.
  • Brown bag lunch: While school hot meals certainly aren’t expensive, parents can save even further by packing homemade lunches each day. These ensure that children get the proper nutrition they need and should include options they’ll enjoy.
  • Reduced price meals: If you opt for hot meals and your home finances are strapped, speak with the school about reduced price lunches. Depending on your income, you may be able to get part of the cost of the lunch subsidized by the school, which is done confidentially and can add up over time.
  • Be reasonable: Sure, your kids need new shoes, but do they need a whole, new wardrobe? Older kids might try to persuade you into breaking the bank on the trendiest fashions for the new school year, but clothing is expensive. Be reasonable with your spending.

Back to school is an exciting time for both kids and parents, and planning ahead is the best way to make sure it doesn’t wreck your budget. Help your kids get the supplies they need, but don’t feel the need to give in to every gadget and accessory they set their eyes on.







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