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Combatting Fraud: Tech Support Scams

Combatting Fraud: Tech Support Scams

When you think of scams, you might think of sweepstakes scams, attempted identity theft and scammers trying to get you to transfer money. If a pop-up window opens on your computer stating that there is an error and you need to contact “tech support” you may not even think twice about doing so.

However, you should always be wary of any pop-up windows or error messages that prompt you to call a number as it could be a scammer trying to get access to your computer and personal information.

If you suspect that there really is an issue with your phone or computer, you should ignore any numbers that pop-up and instead try to call the program or software company directly. Visit their website and look for their official number to call. There will likely be an option for tech support where you can get clarification on the error message you received.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have antivirus software on your computer, it may be a wise investment. Antivirus software can prevent scammers from accessing your device or at a minimum warn you that some breach happened so that you’re aware.

Want to learn more about tech support scams and how you can protect your computer and other devices? Check out these resources:


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