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ATM Network Changes

Walgreens and 7-Eleven ATM Users Could Be Affected

Easy access to your money is important. Please be aware of these upcoming changes to our CO-OP Network® ATMs.

Walgreens ATMs
Beginning December 31, 2016, ATMs at Walgreens stores will no longer offer surcharge-free ATM usage to Gulf Winds members. You can use our mobile banking app to find other surcharge-free ATMs outside of the Gulf Winds branches. Simply open the app, click “Locations” and then “List” to see ATM or Branch locations. If you don’t have the app, text “GOGULF” to 33733 to download it.

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Three Walgreens ATMs Are Still Free
There are three Walgreens locations in Alabama that will still offer surcharge-free use for Gulf Winds members. These ATMs are at the following locations:

  • Walgreens - 1504 S Main St. Atmore, AL 36502
  • Walgreens - 2040 Douglas Ave. Brewton, AL 36426
  • Walgreens - 1772 S Alabama Ave. Monroeville, AL 36460

7-Eleven Stores
After December 31, 2016, these ATMs will no longer accept deposits for Gulf Winds members. We know the 7-Eleven ATMs are important points of access, and Gulf Winds members will continue to have surcharge-free withdrawals, inquiries, and transfers. The Mobile Check Deposit feature on our mobile banking app can help offset inconveniences this change may cause.

Expanded ATM Network
In addition to the free ATMs located at Gulf Winds branches, our members have free access to CO-OP Network’s growing list of nearly 30,000 ATMs. CO-OP Network is the nation’s largest credit union surcharge-free ATM network.

Free Mobile Check Deposit Means You Bank at Your Convenience

Using our iOS or Android app, you can deposit checks without a trip to your local branch. Just endorse your check (see requirements below), snap a picture of the front and back, and you’re done. New to mobile banking? Accessing your Gulf Winds accounts from your mobile device has never been easier. Bank anytime, anywhere with the features you need for getting things done on your schedule.

Step 1

Open the App and select Menu>Deposit Checks>Mobile Check Deposit.

Step 2

Select To Account to choose the account to deposit your check to.

Step 3

Select the account you would like to deposit your check to.

Step 4

Select Amount to enter the amount of the check.

Step 5

Enter the amount of your check and press Save.

Step 6

Press the Capture Image button.

Step 7

Take a picture of the front side of your check. Make sure the corners of the check are as close to the brackets as possible.

Images are saved securely by the credit union and not stored on your phone.

Step 8

Take a picture of the back side of your check. Remember your check must be endorsed with your signature and Mobile Deposit Only Gulf Winds.

Images are saved securely by the credit union and not stored on your phone.

Step 9

Review the images of your checks. If it looks like one of the sides may not be readable, press the Retake Front or Retake Back button.

Step 10

Scroll to the bottom and press Submit Deposit.

Step 11

You will receive a "Deposit Submitted" notification. Remember that the first $200 of your deposit will be available immediately, and the remainder will be available within 3 business days unless otherwise notified. You will receive a confirmation via email letting you know that your deposit was accepted.

Check Endorsement: Check must be endorsed with your signature and the phrase Mobile Deposit Only Gulf Winds.

Mobile Check Deposit is available on our iPhone, iPad and Android apps. The first $200 of a Mobile Check Deposit will be available immediately. The remainder will be available within 3 business days unless otherwise notified. 10 check/$2,500 daily Mobile Check Deposit limit.


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