Understanding Regulation D

Notice to Members: In response to COVID-19, the Federal Reserve has removed the transaction limit under Regulation D for credit unions. This allows Gulf Winds to suspend enforcement of the six transfer limit and lets you make an unlimited number of convenient transfers and withdrawals from your savings accounts. We have removed the limit and will update you with any changes.

What is Regulation D?

This is a federal regulation that restricts the number of transfers that can be made from a savings account during a calendar month to six.

What accounts are affected by Regulation D?

All accounts that are designated as savings accounts, including secondary savings.

What types of transactions count toward the limit of six?

  • Transfers from savings to your accounts (not including payments made to your Gulf Winds loans).
  • Transfers from savings initiated from Gulf Winds Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Transfers from savings made over the phone through the Gulf Winds Contact Center.
  • Transfers from savings made through our Phone Anytime Teller (PAT) service.
  • Pre-authorized or automatic withdrawals from savings, such as insurance premiums or other bills.
  • Transfers from savings to another member’s account.
  • Overdraft transfer from savings account to checking made to cover checks or other items.

How can I avoid reaching the limit of six transfers?

  • Plan ahead and make one large transfer instead of several small transfers.
  • Use an ATM to transfer funds between your accounts. ATM transfers are considered “signature authorized” and do not count as Regulation D transactions.
  • Stop by a branch drive-thru to complete your transfer. These are also considered “signature authorized” and are not limited.
  • Balance your checking account on a regular basis and avoid overdrawing your account. This will help limit the number of overdraft transfers from your savings account, which count towards the number of transactions allowed.
  • Don’t authorize payments via ACH automatic debits with merchants or service providers to from savings. Instead, set ACH withdrawals to debit your checking account, which is not subject to this federal regulation.


If you have any questions about Regulation D and how it impacts you, please call our Contact Center at 1.800.650.6328.

Download a PDF with more information:
Understanding Regulation D